Outdoor Rides

The Wellness Program has offered outdoor bike rides for participants who are able and interested in this level of activity. The outdoor rides begin at end of April or beginning of May will continue through to the last Monday in September. The average number of participants in the weekly outdoor rides is 16. There remains a core group that started riding during the 1st year (2004) and they generally bike approximately 20 miles each Monday evening. A smaller, less experienced group rides approximately 2-7 miles each Monday evening. Each of the two groups is chaperoned by volunteers who are members of the Quality Care Pharmacies Cycling Team. 2012 is the 2nd year that this team has volunteered their time to lead the rides.The feedback from both survivors and chaperones is very positive and both groups feel that we are successfully meeting the goals of camaraderie and improved physical/mental strength.

To participate in the Outdoor Rides you must complete the appropriate membership forms outlined on the Enrollment page. (link)

For safety reasons a bike helmet is mandatory.