Wellness Program Services

We are pleased to offer the Western New York Wellness Program, making available indoor and outdoor cycling to all cancer survivors in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. Components of the program are described below:

  • Participants:
    The Wellness Program has grown to over 85 participants over the past few years. Of the 85 participants, 61 are female and 24 are male. The average ages are from 50-70 years.
  • Health Clubs:
    The Wellness Program has 14 local Rochester, NY health clubs that participate in our program on a volunteer basis. Each of these health clubs allow Wellness Program participants to use their facilities as often as they choose, free of charge. As stated above, one of these health clubs donates a spin room each Monday from October through April for Spin Classes.
  • Web Site:
    The Wellness Program to post events and survivor “stories” on its web site, as a source of information and encouragement for other cancer survivors. This is a very easy means for member and interested survivors to find out about the program and its successes. This is continually being updated.